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My accounts in fashion,beauty niche with 1/3k followers with ~30 hashtags going good.
If i post 1/3 max a day only post between 17:00/19:00 i receive arounnd 200/300+ likes per post.

If i post 5/10 max a day only post between 17:00/19:00 i receive 100/200 likes per post.

It’s a huge difference. But my main goal is to build good followers wich is interessed in my niche.
Let them click on a link in my bio to drive them to my LP and after to my shop(dropship) i don’t ask them to click they just do… ( i hate spam ).

Now what is your opinion about this ?
More posts but less likes or less posts more likes ?
Need your advice/opinion…

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I think you’re getting better engagement if you have more posts slightly less likes, right? Or would it go by ratio and not numbers? If by ratio then more likes per less photos would be higher, I think?

3 posts with 200 likes = 600 likes
1 post with 300 likes = 300 likes

I guess you’d have to see which is more important, appearance of high numbers or not.

For me though I’d say less photos with more likes because everybody looks at numbers, the higher is somehow better, even if it’s only a difference of 100, it’s on a per photo basis regardless of how many are getting posted.

In most situations I think the general consensus is to post more, as long as it’s not over 3 a day or so.

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@ian so you say max 3 posts per day is enough ?

2x 300 likes = 600 likes
7x 100 likes = 700 likes
Normally i go for 2 per day. But other accs in my niche posts 10+.
I don’t get a lot of new followers so i try with more posts but my engagement gets lower if i do that ( less likes ). Because if i just post 2 a day and 600~ likes a day (tool)max i get more likes on my posts.

But with more posts i can get more new followers right ?

There’s no exact science to it, lots of variables that change based on your followers and all that, but generally I think 10 is too many, I’m sure others will disagree with that but everyone has their own methods that work for them.

If it were my account I’d prefer to have 600 likes per photo vs 200 per photo, even if it was posted every other day that looks better to someone viewing the page (I think) based on like numbers.

And yeah, I think more posts means the better chance of someone finding your post if it hits the Explore page or the tags catch someone.

@ian interesting since yesterday i have changed to 5/10 i will let u know the results

I don’t comment ( only my hashtags in my own post [COMMENT].

Only like 500/700 max a day
Follow 500/650 max
Unfollow 450/600 after 4 hours
Do you suggest higher settings for 10month accounts with 1/3k followers

I’d go with the settings in here, they’re on the safe side. Since your account is 10 months it’s considered “old.”

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If you’re goal is building a long term business your main focus should be the reach. Let me explain a bit about it, your posts will never reach your whole followers, more like 50% of them. For them to engage, they first have to see your content, so that should be your top priority. They will get your content in their feed if they previously engaged with you, once they will not receive your posts due to IG limiting reach, they will probably be lost (you’ll have notify them to grab their attention so basically likes/comments). So for better reach you want a better percentage of your follower base engaged. That’s why posting more is almost always better, by posting more you increase your followers unique reach.

There’s also a big second benefit for posting more: better hashtag coverage. You should check BrandonBerner’s threads on hashtags and dynamic hashtags if you haven’t already. Hashtags provide reach as well. By posting 5-10 days per day you will cover 5-10x the amount of hashtags, maybe even more than than that.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way within MP to get lists of likers to see if your multiple posts engage more unique followers than the 1/3 posts. I could test it for you with my custom tools if you provide me with the links to your posts.

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@vir7 so you say 5/10 posts per day is better ?
I normally post between 17:00 / 19:00
Accounts working between 08:00 / 23:00

Is it better to spread it out of the day or stay at 17:00 / 19:00
All hashtags are not popular less 300.000 posts

Spread, I think you already have a low engagement rate. In travel I get 800/post with 5 posts per day with a 5k account without engagement groups.


Allright, i will test it with 5/10 posts a day between 08:00/ 22:00.
Let them run for 3 days and check the results.
I let u know :+1:

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Ok :slight_smile: good luck. Be careful with your content, it is generally harder to output quality content at that rate, at least for my niche.

Here’s some data from my test:
Friday - 1 post => 999 likes => 555 of them my followers
Saturday - 5 posts => 800 likes/post => 1439 of my followers total

Breakdown for Saturday:
Followers that liked:

  • 5 posts : 146
  • 4 posts : 161
  • 3 posts : 192
  • 2 posts : 322
  • 1 post : 618

@vir7 interesting
May i ask wich time is the best time to post for you ?

10PM while posting 5 times, otherwise 4:30PM I think.

@vir7 5 posts at 10:00 pm ?
Not spreaded over the day ?

Spreaded, the 10PM performs best even tho 90% of the followers are locals.