Engagement issue Please help

hello all.

I have around 20k followers on Instagram currently. A couple months ago I was averaging around 1k likes and a couple hundred comments. Now, however my overall engagement is wayyy down and likes are barely hitting the 600 mark. I’m addition my story’s views are significantly down as well. I’m literally willing to pay for a soulution as this account is falling apart. What can I do? Is something wrong?

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It’s nowadays IG. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one affected, got also a few clients who complained about it recently in the 2 last months.

Engagement overall went down for many, so there should be an algorythm part in this. How to recover it ? Well, bring followers, likes & comments + keep posting.

No magic :slightly_smiling_face: !


Did you do anything specific to raise your follower number? Automation? Manual organic engagement? Buy adds?
Your content still the same? Using hashtags?
Follow/unfollow in a specific manner?
Story views?

Elaborate please, otherwise it’ll be very difficult to help, as there the reason could be so many.

Also as @denis1 said it is a universal thing lately, ER has dropped on IG.

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You could also try removing some fake followers, they can only ruin your engagement, no benefits out of them.