Engagement keeps dropping lately

Yes, I confirm that. I already wrote that yesterday in a comment. I have a small account and posting great photos. People used to engage with my photos highly without any effort. I had no idea 2-3 months ago what powerlikes and engagement groups were!!

I read some comments saying that a lot of automation was used and now the ER drop is obvious or that the content is not good enough. No, its not always like that guys. I tend to agree with @Alexnvo that instagram has its ups and downs regarding ER, I can’t explain that otherwise. And I hope that it is so, because for my account with the small number of followers one sees directly decrease in likes and reach and assumes that likes were always bought, this is so unfair and such a conclusion hurts my account.

Instagram is not very good in detecting good content after all…

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I can attest to this. I have been checking a lot of my client accounts and their engagement rates have been dropping recently. Do you guys feel like it’s because IG knows we’re using automation and because of this, they are reducing our client content outreach?

It’s not always just content only. More important is niching it down as much as you can. If you have a meme account for example. You can have all kinds of memes, all kinds of humor. In that case for example you should niche down to 1 kind of meme humor or something. Same goes for everything. While i love comedy, i dont like all comedians or all kinds of comedy. So it’s content for sure but also a niched down type of content. At least for me. IG having ups and downs i can agree with SLIGHTLY. But drops of 75% is not IG. But thats my opinion and from my observation and results

It’s a cold feed soon to get better I hope

Explore has more power and when it’s not working the entire ig spectrum is hit

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I have 3 accounts 15k that does 4k to 25k in likes regularly and last week or so barely passes 700 likes a post. When they rise … Each one by one I know then the feed is normal again … They are slightly getting higher the past 3 days

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So basically you’re dependent on explore page likes and bot likes (that target your tags) mostly?

No bot likes … Follower ER excellent.

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Seems so odd to me that IG would all of a sudden divide your ER likes by 5 and more. Never had such drop. Would it be that IG thinks you’re not niched down enough? That they have a hard time trying to figure out what your followers are most interested in? Considering they keep updating and ‘upgrading’ the algo of what followers want to see most.

Many times it happened

It’s happened to my personal photography page, normally would hit ~450 likes per photo average for a 5k account. It hasn’t been able to break ~250 in a month or more. Not incredible ER, but about on par for the type of page.

Recently though, it’s been struggling to break 200 mark after 2 days. ER is becoming absolutely garbage. Never used fake likes or engagement groups, and my content has (in my opinion) gotten much better, so content is only part of the equation when you get hidden by the algorithm.


I checked the engagement on my accounts from the last year and I had exactly the same low or even lower engagement in June/ July 2018 and it went back up on the next months x7 or in some cases x30.
There are still great engagement hacks for posts and reach, but I’m not sure if sharing them here isn’t like pointing out to instagram what they should work on, so we can pay/ finally give them all our net profit. If I were an Instagram dev responsible for reducing automation I would be checking this forum daily and adjusting to every fix we come up to. Easy.


Yes…this pattern is very common as I remember last year my DM group was crying this time about ER and summer break in the states. I used to freak out and say what’s wrong ? I’m done being seasick now as I been on this ride many times. One of the hard lessons if this just like anything else is learn the patterns …
You see drops of one point in the majority of accounts or severe dips for a few days it’s starting and it will come back up to a hot feed again.


The part of this that sucks for me is that this time of year is really the only time I can create my own content, otherwise it’s too cold / bad weather for photos of people outdoors. So I can either save up content and not post anything when it’s nice out (which would piss off the people I shoot with) or just make content now and not post anything when people are more active for the other 75% of the year. Both result in failure.


10% ER is still really good. I’m guessing your account was blowing up and getting alot of traffic when you where growing to 15k mark.


not really, they all had super high ER even at the start with 1k-2k likes at a 100-500 followers.

then save for the 3rd and 4th quarter… I would.


Normal. Experienced this so many times that idgaf anymore. One of my accounts that average around 5k and peak at 20k likes got under 1.5k and under 1k on the last 2 posts over the past 24 hours.


Is anyone pushing daily stories to drive follower engagement, or strictly optimizing feed content for maximum engagement?

i agree with this i have a 15k personal account getting 2-4k