Engagement rate of 946 050%

While training the upcoming audience demographics AI for IGBlade, I found an account in our database with an engagement rate of 946 050%.

Yes, over nine hundred thousand percent.

The Account has two followers and a single post. The post has over 18 000 likes. I challenge you to find an account with higher engagement :joy::


Organic engagement for sure…

I remember seeing accounts like- random indian boy with 4 pictures of him in really bad quality, no following, no followers and over 700k likes under each photo. Idk, maybe ex- like-farm worker forwarded all likes to his profile?

I think these must be test accounts for bot farms. There is no other reason for this level of engagement on an account like this.
If you find the account drop a link :smiley:


It’s funny, I was poking around the profiles and hashtags indexing Instagram has and found a bunch of those types of accounts, in fact most of them really. What’s weird is that they all seem to have 62k followers and only a few shitty photos. If any at all.

I don’t know what the deal is with how/why they index the accounts they do, but if you look around here instagram . com/directory/profiles/27-4/ as just one example, you’ll see.

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His engagement isn’t organic by the way, fake repetitive comments and fake likes all from smm panels. maybe it’s just a test account, there are thousands of such accounts but i am too lazy to find them :smiley:

@SheriffWoody thanks! your post gives me hope!!! :rofl::joy:

Don’t get your hopes up too much, only if that means fake likes :joy: