Engagement/Reach Significantly Down?

Has anyone else noticed a significant decrease in engagement on posts that might be a result of even further limited reach by Instagram?




What do you mean by that?


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Regarding your question, nope. What are your stats like? Reach down by what percentage? Same type of content?


Yea, but reach is much lower for few last months now

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Yes. same content, same niche. Same frequency and use of hashtags (totally organic use depending the content). I feel engagement is a little more volatile now, but in general I have noticed the engagement decreased.

I use to get to a maximum that I haven´t reach anymore somehow, and some pics have gotten so little likes lately as I used to get when I had half followers. I thought it was I was traveling much (so different IPs or something).

So far not banned, personal account.

And I have been focusing in engagement since I got the 20k, so… I think is IG limiting my account somehow.

Just the supposed algorithm at work, probably. If x% of your followers don’t see and like your content, it doesn’t get pushed to the rest, and the post gets lost in the feed. Just a brief explanation of the theory.

Another thought like mentioned above, it could actually be reduced exposure due to reports, hashtag abuse, etc, but ultimately you’d have a better understanding based on the hashtags used, and if you’ve had content removed recently or account temp disabled/PV’d.

I think many people have been feeling the effects of this in some way or another… but it’s the slow push to having mostly paid/featured content get a priority, the same way FB pages got ruined. One day, they’ll be identical in terms of exposure. If you don’t pay, you don’t get seen, unless you check in on someone’s page manually.


Hmm, how do you know if your account got reported or hashtag abuse or anything?

It’s quite noticeable the reduction in engagement, when even reusing old viral posts, it gets 1/3 the engagement of what it did before.

If you click through each hashtag and view the recent posts and some of them are blank or scroll down more, if the page has as community warning and stops you from scrolling, something like “The community has reported [some wording like this]” it means the hashtag is either banned or being reviewed for abuse.

Some are random and weird and don’t make much sense, but if you use a lot of them you could potentially be limiting your own reach unknowingly.

Yup i thought so that this is why

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I mean don’t my words as facts, just an opinion based on experiences and theories that have been floated around these communities for a bit. However, there may be some truth to it, we’ll never truly know how things work and that’s how they (FB/IG) want it to be so we don’t game the system.