Engagement significantly down?

Today follows and engagement is down for reasons probably a update. It will pass like other times every week. Been good last 4 days, today a crawl. They come and go

I’m personally seeing increased engagement and follows on my personal account. I posted a picture last night that has 3200 likes, and I’ve gained almost 1,000 followers in the past 3-4 days. Are your accounts experiencing issues?

All accounts rocked last 4 days. Today a snails pace.

I have an aquaculture instagram account, and I use the exact same hashtags, 3-4 times per day.

All posts are reports of other people’s content. I write my take on it, have a section where I shout out the original poster, and max out the hashtags ( literally, 30).

I have been doing this since November.

My engagement frequently hits 15+ %, and I’m at 12.9k followers, growing by about 200 per day, on days that I post (sometimes I get maxed out elsewhere in life and let my scheduled posts run out).

Then, I have other accounts where the engagement is about half that or less… but these differences, to me, seem to be more due to the geographic applicability of the accounts (local businesses vs hobby or topic accounts with global reach). I’m also pretty new to all of this lol.

Oh, and I make it a POINT to respond to literally every comment with something that ties my comment to the initial comment, or the poster of the comment I’m responding to… I feel like the instagram gods shine favorably on my engaging people enough to negate my following and hash-tagging.

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If you are using same hashtags over and over, the shadow ban monster will get you soon


I have been experiencing a massive drop in engagement in the last two weeks. Haven’t found a solution yet and it’s really frustrating.

check to see you are not shadowed or throttled.

Oh I am ghosted like crazy. Just couldn’t find a way out of it.

if you know when it started, delete all hashtags from one day before to present…don’t care where they are. Captions or comments. delete them. then wait till it lifts ( usually 14-15 days. This has worked for me often. I got tired of this so I stopped using hashtags and still grow at the same pace as before

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Do you think avoiding hashtags all together -at least for a while- would help?

First remove the source, I bet there is a banned or semi-banned one there. Second, if it workes for you, no keep them but make sure they are okay. A friend got shadowed because she used #romance, at that time a semi-banned one.

Thanks for the clarification. Will try that for sure.

One thing that makes me think that this is caused by another issue is that I started experiencing this on most of my accounts simultaneously, with the least amount of footprints. The only thing that connects them is that they all use blazing proxies. I am guessing maybe IG is going hard on certain subnets.

I used them and also Highproxies and was not ghosted just had the like/follow blocks. if they all used a hashtag gone astray…it will explain it. If a majority were PV’ed then that was the reason, the PV. From what I have seen, bad proxies do not lead to throttles or ghosting. That has been my experrience and others may be right and correct me.

Thank you for your answers, @Alexnvo.
I have been doing some testing in the last week and I will post my experience when/if I find a way outta ghosting

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hahahah. agh! ok - so, question then, do those “have-i-been-shadow-banned” websites actually work? Also, this is a globally-active instagram account… so, I could just take all of the hashtags and translate them into a couple of languages, and let it randomly select from those? Kinda a same thing, but not same thing scenario lol…

search other thread for these websites, you will learn. Never translated before as I have no need to.