Engagement significantly down?

Anyone experiencing a huge drop off of engagement versus 1-2 months+ ago?

Getting 30-50% less engagement than previously :frowning:

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I’m experiencing the same…but my engagement is droping since 1 week ago. Don’t know what could be


Mine has only gone up, at least in terms of likes. Commenting seems to be less, but probably due to hashtags becoming less and less important.

Yes, since around 6 days ago for me. Just switched up my caption styling and hashtags today, hopefully it will make a difference.

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Mine have been dropping as well, recently been having them like own followers posts and that has been helping bring it back up quite a bit

I noticed a massive dip on my main accounts so I simply stopped using hashtags and stopped following. Engagement is now back to normal.

I had been planning on turning off following anyway so maybe not something you’d want to test but I’ve heard about hashtag stuffing being penalized by IG.

Yeah, Shadowbans out the wazzoo. I’ve just decreased my followings from 700+ a day to 300. Hopefully my account is deemed less spammy by IG now.

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When you used hashtags versus non/few hashtags … what % engagement improvement did you notice?

Mine drops and goes back up, I don’t mind now tbh, I’m getting 20 % engagement on some accounts where I only had 3 % a month ago, I don’t even try to understand it anymore just roll with it.

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Same, I’m at about 18% engagement, up from probably 5%. When I had 5% I was gaining a ton of followers, but now I get less followers and a good amount of likes. A healthy middle ground would be preferred but what can ya do?

Was there a change in algorithm recently? Where does this “due to hashtags becoming less and less important” come from? Any official communication from instagram?

Are we getting penalized by Instagram for using hashtags now? Something new?

I found out a few things:

  1. Stop using engagement groups, they don’t work
  2. Stop using powerlikes from the same accounts daily
  3. Post good content with a good engagement description

10% of your followers will be shown your latest posts. If they don’t receive enough natural likes or engagement within 60 mins it will not unlock your remaining 90%

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Hashtags result in shadow banning.

Can you elaborate a bit? I’m still using anywhere between 20-25 hashtags in each of my posts and I do not seem to be shadow banned (i.e. my posts are visible on other accounts). Can you no longer use hashtags in posts?

Sorry, it’s totally untrue.

  1. Post between 5 - 20 hashtags per post (different number per post)
  2. Don’t repeat the hashtags and randomize them everytime
  3. Make sure you’re choosing the right hashtags. If you have 2000 followers and your posting hashtags of 2 million posts, don’t expect a thing.

Chances are he over used the same hashtags over and over. You have to change them up and take time researching them.

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Thanks Vinnie, yeah indeed, that explains. Appreciate the clarification!

Hashtags cause 99.9 percent of shadow bans. Hate to say it. What you said earlier is untrue too. Instagram probably doing a update


Not true.

  1. They do work as long in same niche.
  2. If they follow …that statement is false. It means you can’t like one you follow.
  3. I agree