Engagement way down since stopping JV

Hey everyone! I recently was having a lot of issue with my scraper accounts for decided to stop automation for awhile. It’s been a couple of weeks now and it seems like my engagement it’s way down since stopping. I imagine that my account has been flagged as using automation for some time now but didn’t realize truly how little engagement I would have without it. My friends in similar niches have been saying that their engagement had been higher than usual so I have them as a source of comparison.

Any suggestions on how to rejuvenate my account other than the usual rest, posting good content, and engaging?

Thanks so much!

what was your strategy while using automation? f/unf? m/s?

If f/unf, I believe it’s normal to see the ER go down for a while until it picks up again.

Are you also on other platforms as well? (thinking about diversifying; tiktok. or starting to bring people into an asset you control: email list)

My automation was pure f/uf. I haven’t diversified the platforms too much but may look into that more. Especially with tiktok

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Unfortunately ig can read your traffic source which is f/uf, so he basically reduce your natural reach because he think you doing good on your own, you can reach it back by chill down and act more like human

I don’t think that JV is the reason for that drop because they have made the software intractable in terms of footprints what can leave a trace is the way you set the number of activities that you do per day, that been said, you should keep posting daily, good or even greater content that might go viral try to have some friends mentioning your account and posts in their story or posts and see how it goes.

One thing that is interesting is that there is a location tag from Instagram on my account. Because my proxies were in Thailand Ig thinks I’m still in Thailand operating an account for the US. I’m not sure how long it will take for them to track my current actions in the US and change the location tag