Engament group for 1-5k 10-20k and more


I can not see that we have something like that. I know that it’s very helpful thing when people like post after they posted and have some niche/s and followers

Let’s make some groups via kik or telegram


fr fr man lets start one

Kik: mix122

Add me there

Telegram? 13 charrrrrrrrrrrr

if you’re starting from scratch, don’t do telegram

You tryna get in on this fam?

There are many established groups already, you’ll have a lot of problems creating one from scratch especially if you have never done this before. I’d advise you to look for already made ones…


we can try everyone most try

yay another telegram group to pop up and dilute the existing telegram communities causing leechers and shit engagement overall so excited wooooooo


:fire: :100: fam

what do you think then that’s for? :slight_smile:

What apps are better to use for engagement groups? Can you add us to some?

who do i contact to join a specific engagement group?

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add me up @davincixxi

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tell your nickname i will add you

share your nickname i will add you up

Doelo. IG account @doelo239 I’m at 39k

@Johnny I have found a few, but in terms of finding telegram groups with 10K, 20K, 50K, what is the best way of going about finding those. I don’t need necessarily huge groups either.

@notsofarfletched on Telegram

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@sociallight (telegram)