Enough follow sources for m/s?

Hi guys!

Jarvee says that “The search took more than 20 minutes and was aborted please loosen up your settings etc”. I have 3 slaves and 25 scrapers

·In general settings turned on follow different user across all accounts.

·I am going to show you 1 my follow settings and 2 my follow sources, please give me feedback or your opinion about if I need more sources or why this message appears:

THANK YOU GUYS AS ALWAYS :joy: :slight_smile:

Go onto your scrapers and see if the proxies are working on all of them.

Do you have the scrapers set up properly?
Have you used these sources for awhile?

  1. You are using ‘Follow different users across all accounts’ so the other accounts may have already followed the users who passed your filters.

  2. You can say that your sources have a lot of users, yes, we can see that, but take a look at your filters and how strict they are:

You can try unchecking filters 1 and 2 and see how it goes.

For example, if the user has 300 followers and 100 followings, the followers/followings range is met (Filter number 3), but the follow ratio for that is 300 / 100 = 3 so it means the user will then fail filter number 2, so he will not be followed by Jarvee.

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your filters are too strict, try to adjust the followers/followings range and the follow ratio filter. also, you’re targeting only 1000 most recent articles, I would recommend you to delete the target accounts, increase the marked value or set it to 0, then readd the target accounts.


Good spotting on that one. Missed that

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Hi again guys!

Thanks you @heroeslair @Jessi @ossi for your help. I unchecked all the options you suggested and now I get better results using like tool. Follow tool still doing low actions so now I think it is due to the lack of sourcers, dont you think so?. Doing this actions I destroyed yesterday 25 scrapers :confused: :

I’ve noticed with one of my clients in particular, that if the target sources have lots of low quality followers, but do have the right type of audience as well, even adding just gender filter + Max ratio of 3:1 Follower:Following, it can go through 400 users sometimes and not get a single user.

I think it’s more important that we find high quality accounts, where even basic filters are not ultimately necessary.

One example: I have 100 sources, and even though some sources are high quality like I speak of, the time it takes to search through the low quality sources will slow it down. Try doing some in depth research of your sources to find ones that have a majority of the kind of followers you are looking for.

So having to filter out 1 in 50 “English” Name followers from an account that has 49/50 international but the 1 in 50 causes scraping problems which slows down the follow tool

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For the Follow tool, please try unchecking the option ‘scrape with EB where possible’ on your scrapers and see if that will yield better results especially with the Follow by Hashtag source.

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You hit the nail :smiley:

I have turned on these settings on my scrapers:
-Delay all tool when api errorrs…
-Delay all tools when api calls…
-Enable api limits
-Optimize api calls to do more actions
-Enable api full emulation

The setting of my child/slaves:
-Enable api limits
-keep accounts valid when changing the account proxy
-do not reset id when changing the account proxy
-Optimize api calls to do more actions
-Enable api full emulation

Also, I currently experiencing something weird… I don’t know why but after upload my scrapers in bulk, I selected all of them and then I click on verify profiles…It takes 45 min to verify 11 scrapers, most of them getting captcha or EV, etc; and my proxys are working great. Has somebody the same problem?

Have you imported them to Jarvee as soon as you’ve purchased them or you’ve left them hanging for some time? The same thing happened to me, but I’ve waited like a month before I’ve imported them in to Jarvee.

Look at your delay settings and change them to a smaller time if that’s what you want.

The ev/ captcha is common with bad accounts or bad proxies. You have to test both and find a combination that works. I lose lots for scrapers personally.

For sources I find that using the jarvee follow back ratio tool is very helpful. You can follow about 20-30 people and wait 24hours and check the FBR. This is why I use lots of sources for each account
Jarvee finds me the best oncs (I do lots of filtering also)

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are you running the Like tool for 9 hours too? I noticed your follow tool is running for only 9 hours.

That can happen when the quality of the accounts is bad or IG don’t like the proxies you’re using. Try testing accounts from a different account provider, and see how it goes.

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Hi again guys. Thanks for your comments but I can’t dod any actions (20 days andd jarvee still not working…) I literally changed all the setting and yesterday I changed my proxys. Also I message a lot with Jarve support team but none advice is working… Could you tell me one good scraper provider? It is gonna be my last try. I can’t spend more days and money changing thousand of things to just make 7 follow per day and 14 likes… I also spend more than one year reading this forum and the jarvee guides but definitly it is imposible.

Take off all filters and see if your jarvee scrapes. If it does then it is your proxies.
Check out @driulis he has a thread in which he sells scrapers.

You seem to be asking a lot from your account, to like, to filter heaps etc. Try relax on the settings or even clear them and test to see if it works.

As a last resort you can request Jarvee support to look at your setup and they can see what is wrong


Thank you Heroeslair. I bought the scrapers you said but after this actions:

I get 6 scraper captcha and 1 scraper EV. At the start, I had 25 scrapers and the 3 slaves account making the actions of the screenshot I attached. Also In the slaves I get a lot “there are no user to follow…”, and it takes a lot of time make each action. I don’t use any filter so I assume should be the proxys. Could you suggest me a proxy provider?. Jarve support doesn’t know why is this happening so its gonna be my last try… :frowning: