Epicnpc.com trustworthy site?


Hi guys,
Anyone heard of www.epicnpc.com ? I want to purchase youtube accounts from there and was wandering if its safe


The site itself? Safe yes.

But as with all things internet, there will be a couple scammers here and there. But for the most part with my past experience selling IG accs there, a good amount of members seem “trustworthy”.

They also have a good middleman bot thingy, as well as reputable members offering middleman services as well.

And be aware that anyone can open a sales thread without the need of admin approval/ review (unless it’s changed now, been a while), so thread carefully :wink:.


used it back in the days, but it’s like asking if ebay it’s safe. Look for a trustworthy middleman and be sure to have all the details and the account is legit and not stolen.