Epicnpc.com trustworthy site?

Hi guys,
Anyone heard of www.epicnpc.com ? I want to purchase youtube accounts from there and was wandering if its safe

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The site itself? Safe yes.

But as with all things internet, there will be a couple scammers here and there. But for the most part with my past experience selling IG accs there, a good amount of members seem “trustworthy”.

They also have a good middleman bot thingy, as well as reputable members offering middleman services as well.

And be aware that anyone can open a sales thread without the need of admin approval/ review (unless it’s changed now, been a while), so thread carefully :wink:.


used it back in the days, but it’s like asking if ebay it’s safe. Look for a trustworthy middleman and be sure to have all the details and the account is legit and not stolen.


Not trustworthy.

Too many scammers here. Was scammed sometime ago on this site twice. Can easily get scammed through Trade Guardian. the atmosphere on this site is terrible mainly because the moderators aren’t friendly. Don’t recommend.

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That is why you get a middleman

One of my verified Clients got hacked and his account was being sold there, so yeah, be careful when buying from some Fu***rs on epicnpc.

As I see it, it’s simply a Forum/Marketplace for different Sellers - So they will source their accounts differently.

Sorry to hear about your client. How did you find out they sell it there? Did the post the Channel Name publicly?

When we recovered the account there was a chat of the hacker with another of his friends talking about that forum, then we found the post, no public name show, but it was his account obviously (verified, number of followers matching and the proof of the convo in his account).