ER growth -- your posts -- basics 101

Wrote this on Facebook and posting it here – OG’s its basics, new people it’s your bread and butter.

First rule – post what your followers like – not what you like. They don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s HQ, perfect size, Golden hour shot, sprayed with holy water on a day with a full moon that sang Gun’s n Roses exactly at 11:11, if they don’t like what you thought should be viral – they don’t like it. Post more of what they like.

case study

1, the client is an influencer of swimwear – 305k

plenty of beach photos, bikini poses, family poses.
the problem – er and comments going down.
Looking at her profile – water pictures alone with sand and the sky and shoreline – least amount of likes
Family pictures – boyfriend, mom/dad and her daughter second least amount of likes ( except with her daughter – indoor shoots least amount of likes/outdoor most amount of likes)
Bikini poses – highest likes, face third, front pose second, back pose looking at the camera highest amount of likes.

Action – Archived all pictures of just the outdoors with no human present, archived all family pictures except of holidays( Christmas and birthday),

On poses – post one album( 2-3 pictures at all sides every other post with new bikini – post one picture rotating from back and front every other post –

Kept posts to 5 to 6 a week. one every 1.20 days.

The result – ER tripled.

Look at your account and see the low likes – what/where/when -
Look at your account and see the high likes – what/ where/when
Do more of what your followers like – simple, not everyone does it.

Edit – in comments on this post they asked about ‘sex sells’ and how to apply to other accounts – here was my reply
‘there was another one I did not mention in case studies. Maternity account. Low likes on outdoor pictures and high on indoor family settings. She took off outside pictures and focused ‘family time’ inside. I used the same methods I described here. She has higher sales while ER went up slightly. Same methods different purpose . No sex selling’


You mean to tell me posting only women in swimwear will triple the engagement…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and raised her sales. Read the last part. Seems obvious don’t it – yet we are blind to see what works


Great write up Albert. Love these nuggets of info from you.

Gives me a few ideas to audit my personal account…:thinking::heart_eyes:


I agree you add a lot of value. I also need to go back and actually check the content people want to see


If you don’t have many posts yet, eg your account has yet only 300 posts in total, is it good to archive posts ?

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for new accounts a few months old keep them, established ones remove really low liked ones. The success is not so much from removing old posts, it is posting what they like. Honestly, it may not may a difference if you delete or not in total ER, for new posts – it is critical you post what followers like more of.
I did removed to establish a theme better.


So I have a question…but first let me give you some back story.

I run an art account and my account started booming when I began drawing sexy IG models. We’ll call this account A

I didn’t want to place myself and the content on the account in a box so I made a separate account specifically for the sexy IG model drawings. We’ll call this account B

So now that I established 2 separate accounts, I began uploading different types of art on account A and my engagement growth suffered. So I began tunnel visioning my content on the page to one specific thing…my original characters. My growth began again but it’s nothing like it was before when I was drawing the sexy IG models.

So my question to you: Do you think it would make a difference if I draw my original characters in a sexy way like I did with the IG models? Do you think I can get back on track with this strategy?

you tried a new way and did not work out, go back to the basics that made it work. often times it’s the best way.


So in other words: just go back to drawing sexy models huh? Smdh

But what if that’s not what I specifically want to do with my account?

I just dont think it’s at all fair to be placed in a specific content box when I can provide so much more than just that. I have tons of original characters and stories that many people care about. May not be the majority of my followers but those folks arent really the ones I want to cater to anyway since those folks are usually the ones who arent spending money on any of my content anyway. They just want to view my page for sexy lady images and then leave. I shouldn’t have to cater to those types of people in order to succeed. I need to find people who are interested in my original characters and content. Those are the types of people I want to cater to. But with the way Instagram is set up right now, it makes it damn near impossible to succeed at that.

I cannot tell your followers what to do. I’m just stating the obvious of what worked in the past.
You want to change up content on that account and it’s not working . Think about that. It was not the original reason people liked so much. Your not giving what your followers want. I don’t make the rules followers do. Why don’t you start a new account for new content. That’s not why they followed or liked. I’ll go back to what I said and that is don’t post what you want but what your followers want. On that account it seems they don’t want that. It does not stop you from doing another account were they do like the other content.


I previously mentioned in my original post that I did exactly that. But I’ll state it again for a refresher:

I began drawing sexy girls on my main account all while continuing posting normal content on it. I began to notice a trend or a pattern of engagement from my followers on the sexy drawings but I DID NOT want that page to be known specifically for the sexy drawings so I made a new account and began funneling those types of followers to the new account. And yes I made sure my followers were aware of this new account.

So now I have 2 accounts. One with the sexy drawings and one with the normal drawings.

Sexy drawings: followings 4k
Normal drawings: followings 28.4k

So obviously folks are following the normal account for more than just sexy drawings.

Either that or my opinion stands corrected about the crappy ass algorithm on the platform. :man_shrugging:t5:

Very cool insight as always – thank you @Alexnvo

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That’s Instagram, perhaps it’s not the platform for your type of content.


Maybe originally, or maybe they’re just not engaged in it anymore, or you gained a big chunk of people who became inactive eventually, or lost interest, or maybe even fakes, so your page isn’t exposed to anyone new.

That’s how my personal photo pages are doing, and they’re totally screwed and will never grow. Just non-stop follower loss.

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But what is the solution though? Trash the account and start Anew?

That really sucks if that is the only other option.

But is it really though?

There are still artists growing and getting rapid engagement on the platform