ER tripled -- now grows on its own with this change

Bio pic changed – thats it.

One account has always been a bad performer for me – ER rarely went pass 1 percent. It got big by shoutouts( my other accounts) and f/u and stopped last year in July – Stopped using hashtags two years ago on this account just like my other accounts – I changed the Bio pic and it turned the account to one I am used to – self-growing.

for it to go from .90 to nearly 3 :slight_smile: % –
This account of course used as a shoutout account too like my others for my main


Did the bio pic have boobs? Asking for a friend :wink:


of course not… :slight_smile:


I completely agree that a good bio pic will work wonders, though. When viewing a profile in a quick pass, especially if boobs, it’ll like result in more follows.

Any other possible triggers for the growth? Did the shoutouts have perfect targeting for the content posted at the time that could have led to the growth too - or possibly any other factors?

I’ve experimented with bio pic changes and really none made a difference that I could calculate with science, but that was only with f/uf.


no shoutouts for this account in over 2 years – I just post in it, nothing else done …i

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Oh whoops, misread your first post, thought you had said you used shoutouts on it not with it :laughing:

Even more awesome in that case.

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This was my lowest performing account of all I have. I tried everything but one – I never removed ghost followers ( i think it is stupid to get rid of the one thing ya trying to gain…jeez) – Nothing seemed to work – the post I know worked cuase they make my other accounts grow – Just needed for it to be seen… it always showed on explore – even if it was on;y like 100 people or so. I hope now, this is perm with this account.


Was about to ask this :smiley:

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Is the new bio pic bright or colorful or eye catching in some way?

a black and white picture of a girl covering her eyes with her hands. it is a quote page… A picture more in line with other quote pages.


Gotta figure out what profile pic works for what niche I guess then…
Awesome @Alexnvo!! Thanks for this, will try to put better profile pics on my accs :slight_smile:
If you’re kinda using it as a “child”, may I ask at which numbers your main one is? Gotta be in the millions lol…

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3 mains –

Dope, hopefully I’ll get there sometime lol

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This right here is what did it 100% :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha if you remove the other parts of what he actually said lol…

Yeah, I have noticed sometimes the biggest change comes from the smaller details, it’s crazy. Good luck on the growing, I see you already have medium size main account, that’s awesome :+1: