Error - Action Required J

im having lately alot of the same error
Client gets logged off automaticlly from the acc
And need relog agian (happens 1-3 time a day)
And also it show me on jarvee action required any1 know how to.fix it?

What proxies are you running the accounts on?

4g proxies 13 chars

Same here with DC proxies. A think it might be some kind of new J bug - or maybe IG is logging out all active sessions when we exceed specific number of API calls. I am still testing.

Having a similar issue here with some accounts where they are logged out, and upon attempting a relogin, it registers as invalid credentials, even though the login information is correct.

In the EB, the account does not go through with the correct login credentials, unless the device ID is reset. After resetting the Device ID, manual login via EB works, but it does not revert the invalid credentials error back to a valid state.

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@Adnan hey sir mind check some here have the same error if u can take a look :slight_smile:

I’m afraid you’ll have to contact support for this. They’ll investigate it further.

I had the same situation about 3 weeks ago. Real hassle when dealing with hundreds of client accounts.

I out half on full EB, other half on full API.
After a few days, everything went back to normal. Been running like that for about 2-3 weeks. Did notice that for a while those on EB would show Valid, but when opening the EB, it would not be signed in. Would login again on the EB for those. About 10% each day.
Also noticed that those on EB sometimes don’t follow for days, although no errors, and I have them set to follow Suggested, as well.

I’m slowly transitioning all EB to full API. We’ll see how it goes.

Short story, long, I believe this is an Instagram thing.

Update: still didnt found any answers

I think you should be contacting Jarvee’s support they will check what’s going on.

Do you have this option checked in Settings > Social Platforms > Instagram ?

What was the account status after you clicked verify account button? did the account go valid right away?

Yes i have it enabled and yes it does turn verify very quick

That option makes your client get logged out from the account. You should uncheck it.

Ill check that out

were you able to solve the issue @Orel_Sasi?