Error Code 7 - You Are Visiting Our Service Too Frequently


Hey guys! So I tried adding my TikTok account to the bot (J@rv) but got this error immediately. My account works perfectly on the app but can’t seem to be logged into the bot. Is anyone of you having the same issue and how were you able to fix it? Thanks!


Ehy buddy, what’s J/M!?


Those are abbreviation for the bot names. I know we can’t say the name of the bots that’s why I did that. Already edited it.


Yes, me too I got action required and not able to validate the account.


I am looking for a bot for b2b


The support said that TikTok is still under development and there may be bugs here and there. They also said that it might take a while for the TikTok bot to be fully functional.


How are you even able to log in? For me it says action required when trying to log in!


I did not say I was able to log in. I also got that action required with the error.