Error Publishing a Post using Jarvee

I set up an ig account on jarvee using a rotating proxy . And i launched a posting campaign, but when it’s time postings , it shows me this error:
" Error publishing a post for ‘campaign’: code 100 - Post deleted by Instagram after it was posted successfully. "
Everything is working fine now . Except posting

You may get those issues if your proxy is flagged, if you are posting the same content over and over again, if you are using the same hashtags or tags on your posts or if your account is simply flagged by IG and they don’t allow you to post.

My suggestion is to stop posting for some time, work on improving your account’s trust score, gain some followers first and then try posting again but without making those possible mistakes.

u can get a 1 week block from posting on a real account a normal person uses on their phone.

Try relogging the account: Social Profiles tab > Select the account > Actions on selected profiles > Re-login accounts. If that doesn’t work, try changing the account proxy.

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try to follow Jaha’s advice and make the necessary changes, since the post was posted successfully by JV it’s IG that you need to worry about you can’t let your account trust score goes down.

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It’s the first time i’m using jarvee . I never posted any content on that account .
I think the problem is from proxies. I 'm trying to warmup the accounts by folowing just 10 accs per day but i always get the captcha. I used different accounts and other proxies ( from same providers ) . Can you suggest me any good proxy providers.
Also is the proxy caused the captcha challenge ??

I tried it and the account got a captcha .
I think the proxy is bad

Captcha can be caused by bad IP or too many API Calls were done by the account. If you have Jarvee running on your PC, It’s be better to use your home IP to run the main account. Also, make sure you’re using scraper accounts to reduce the number of API Calls done by the main account. Add 2-3 scraper accounts, and use your proxies on those scraper accounts.