Error Publishing a Post with Jarvee

I just setup an account on Jv for the 1st time, created a campaign, added multiple images from my computer, and created a new destination list just for this IG profile/wall but it didn’t post the first image and showed a Error publishing a post: code 100 - {’“message”, “unknown server error”, “status”, “fail”}

Does anyone know how to handle this? I only checked the Also publish story with post, filled everything manual, including caption and locations.

I appreciate any help!

check for proxy errors , if not try reseting the deviceid and clear proxies for the account and try again

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Thanks for your help @CristeaRazvan
I set up the its current proxy since the beginning and I even edited the profile with the tool successfully and yes both profile and proxy have valid status.

Isn’t resetting device ID considered a red flag for IG when doing automation?

I reset the device id and retried but it’s showing me the same 100 error code.

I sent an email to the tool support early in the morning but they haven’t answered back yet, I believe it has to be something with the settings maybe I’m doing wrong, does anyone had this problem before and founded a solution?

I’ve had a similar experience once and my problem was the file size/dimensions. Try going with the smallest file size by compressing it with some online tools and stick to instas max dimensions which are 1080x1080 for square and 1350x1080 for landscape. Do you have these down and it still doesn’t let you post it?

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Hey @Luffy thanks for your insights but all of the images are reposts from other accounts that I had downloaded before, manually cleaned them up and added additional metadata so all of them are below 250 kb and kept the same dimensions. I checked the crop instead of adding white borders, just in case, and the problem remains.

I was thinking to schedule these and then set up automatic reposting then after.

I’ve tried different setups but it always shows the code 100 error, I appreciate any help!

careful with reposting downloaded content

very fragile to getting your account deleted