Error when trying to login through api

I can login through the browser just fine but why am I getting this error when trying to login through api??

Can you contact Jarvee customer service through your Jarvee?

What status did Jarvee show after you’d clicked verify account button?

You are probably trying to login using something else other than the username.

can you try to login using the username and password and see how it goes.

it stays at initializing and keeps giving the error

i can login through the eb just fine with the same loging

It’s the api connection issue, what did Jarvee support say?

Did you contact support and manage to fix the login issue? I think what Luca means is using phone number to log in via API.

you need to login from the API using the username not phone number or email just the username and if the issue persist contact JV support and explain the exact issue they might be able to help you.

First time seeing that issue, it’s best to contact their support and explain the problem.

Logging in via API with email is working fine. It seems only phone number doesn’t work.