Every time I create a new account ig wont let it post

I have new proxies from highproxies.com and whenever I finish my new ig account it can like, follow, comment but no posting. I don’t understand the problem and if someone can help me that would be great. I just want 5-10 fan page accounts so I can push my main page

How are you creating the accounts? Also, high proxies aren’t the best.

same problem here. same setup with highproxies. Any solution for this?

HighProxies IG proxies won’t cut it, especially with all the recent changes to the platform.

This issue has been popping up lately and it’s likely the result of a low trust score + low-quality proxies.

You can solve this by switching to raw mobile proxies or dedicated IPs. You’ll get less PVs when using the repost tool or the publisher tool in general, and you won’t have posting issues.

Hey Where can I get this proxies?



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Check the forum market, there are several recommended providers.


Instagram recently has been cracking down on posting with DC proxies. Best bet is to get some mobile or resi proxies to post.

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just the shitty ones. highproxies among them