Every Time I sign Up Account Gets Disabled

I’m trying to create a new Instagram account for a client. I had one that lasted for about a month… but it got disabled. I’ve tried to create 3 more, but each one got disabled right after I signed up. I’ve tried using a VPN. I am using similar username, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Any input on why this is happening would be appreciated.

Also, wondering if I could by an existing account and switch the username.


Vpn is terrible for creation. Don’t use.

Why can’t your client make one?

It looks like your phone or ip (whatever you create on) is blocked. You should be able to create at least one on a real unblocked phone.

Question is what are you trying to do with this account?

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I’m facing similar issues too, even with 4G proxies.

You need to have device ID changes, Finger Print changing, Stopping leaks… Theres a lot to do for mass creation. But if you cannot create a single account on a phone and a 4g plan then something is very wrong.

I was finally able to create one on my phone. Should I avoid logging in on my computer (that’s where they were getting disabled as soon as I signed up).

This account is for a repair appliance company.