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I noticed one of my topics getting offtopic regarding phones (I started it), so I thought I would create a new topic for everyone to discuss everything phone related.

What cell phones do you recommend?

What cell phones do you not recommend?

What cell phone do you currently use?

What cell phone do you want to buy next?

Have anything else to say? Go Nuts! :smiley:


I am personally using an iPhone 5. I love the simplicity and durability of it, however I hate the restrictions and compatibility problems with windows. My iPhone is jailbroken to unleash the full potential (yet still limited compared to Android). Its time to move on, and get something which can support the amount of pictures I take, and the amount of resource hogging utilities I use on a day to day basis.

I have been planning on getting the new Google Pixel phone in the following months after doing lots of comparing and research. However @abbecain has suggested I get the motorola pure x.

Let the debate begin! Hahaha

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I have a strange relationship with android phones. I mean, they /work/ but if you’re not getting the pure android phones, then be prepared to be very disappointed.

On the other hand, i don’t like the pricing of google’s phone. They even cost the same as the iphone. I am not a diehard fan of iphone, but things just works.

Guess what, i still have the ip5 with the battery bulging issue, not once, but twice !

I don’t expect devices to last that long, but it isn’t exactly cheap to replace. If I paid for something that cost 500$ and above, I expect it to last me 6 years, not 1 or 2 years. The fact that phone prices gets more expensive each year is ridiculous.

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Interesting. What are the main differences or advantages to getting a pure android phone vs a non pure android phone?

Very true, they are really overpriced. But since I have been an iPhone user for so many years (I have had the 3G, 4, now the 5) The Google Pixel just seems like the best transition to a phone other than Apple. The camera also caught my attention since it seems to be so amazing.

Very impressive! Luckily I have never faced that issue. Maybe thats because I have to replace my batteries every 6 months due to the charge draining every hour since I am always using my phone. I will watch a 2 minute YouTube with 100% at the beginning, and 68% after.

I completely agree. Although I tend to break so much electronics within the first few years, I have never once cracked my screen, or broken my iphone. I did however replace the battery every 6 months, and the charging port once since it got corroded. The only reasons why I upgrade is because I need more storage, or the phones processors cannot keep up after continuously updating the iOS, programs, and whatever.

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Never had iPhone, not much fan of Apple…

Currently using Huawei P9 and I believe there’s no better phone for this price. It’s about 400 EUR.

I was fan of Sony Xperia Z series, but they haven’t changed anything since Z1…


I’ve always steered clear of apple products. I’m using a nexus 5 at the moment and I love it. I reckon you wouldn’t go wrong with Google’s new pixel phone. It looks amazing and gets really good reviews. When I get some more cash (after becoming a MP ninja) I’m definitely going to get myself a pixel.


I was thinking about Pixel, but decided it’s not worth of that money. There’s nothing it can do that P9 can’t. I feel absolutely same about samsung flagship models and iphones.

Although Samsung has beautiful display :smiley:

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I’m on the iphone 6 plus, switched to it after over 3 years of iphone 4s that still works, just gave it to a friend. It’s good because of the increased battery size though I do think lately apple has lost its edge, there’s nothing really amazing or new and their limitations are really annoying. Next one will most probably not be apple :smiley:

Haha, apple is famous for always selling 2 year old technology and selling is as the newest technology reinvented with a sleek new design haha. Also iPhones 6 or higher actually have less expensive hardware to makeup for the higher manufacturing costs with FoxConn.

This video explains is better than I could ever. Enjoy!

Happy to hear you are also on the same page as me :slight_smile:

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I got the 4s and won’t switch till it’s broken, can’t believe I paid so much money for this and now it doesn’t even get updates anymore haha. On a positive note, this phone fell down at least 30 times and nothing ever broke…

My next phone: if I go any deeper then I am already in the IG world I will just get whatever is best non iphone on the market at that time, if I bust all my IG accounts I will just go back to a Nokia :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, really funny video, and so totally true :slight_smile: I wonder when will people get smart about this, we should have a bet on that :joy:

Haha if you have time you should take a look at their other videos. You will relize how stupid society is haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYE5cxQrIp8&list=PLzeXPHBswh2f-zlstQRHeADNMj2CW6J4i

I bet that the level of stupidity will not change. As soon as one gets smarter, another dumb ass takes their place unfortunately. That is good news for the smarties since we have less competition and can manipulate the dumb hahaha.

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Actually, this is part of apple’s battery problem. It plagues a few generation where the battery will drain super fast for no apparent reason. On top of that, the same model for ip5 has battery bulging issue even after I have changed it. Original and non-original batteries faces this same issue.

That’s not to say android doesn’t have it’s flaws. Which is why I suggested that in order to get a reasonably good experience, you need original android phones, and those are from google. Nexus, pixel, motorola

Good to know. I am completely finished with Apple.

Perfect, I will make sure to stick with Google, Nexus, Pixel, or Motorola. Thanks for the educated suggestion :slight_smile:

#$20,000 Cell Phone!!!
…I wonder if its better than the Google Pixel haha.

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Wow! :slight_smile: that box is more expensive than my phone.

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i have been always a fan of samsung galaxy note, the functionality that pen provides i can’t see in any other mobile phone, until it begin to explode :smile: :smile:, this is also considered a new feature :joy: :joy:

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IMO Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still the best phone, but comming from Iphone, Pixel or Motorola Play Z could prove to be a better option.

I’m rocking a Nexus 6P, battery life is subpar, but it’s stock and has the best camera for its price range, check out amazon refurnished units if you are interested in this device.

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