Excel delimiting doesnt work for me

Hey guys, i try to delimite with excel after i scrape data, however that doesnt work and all data is still messy. I try to delimite with text to columns, then with comma, but after delimiting i still get this messy:

Is it somethig that has to do with my language of excel? Or what?

Can you open a new excel file, then load the scrape result file by going to Data > from text/csv instead of opening the file directly?

Also if you have this option checked in JV, uncheck it before you start scraping.

its unchecked already,

i tried to load from that results file and got even worse:

You see , i opened a new file, tried to import from .txt file, but even when im trying to delimit its a mess. Look at the beginning of scrape data word “Tr” and then the end “Ue” in the userid , so even a word is between two columns , i have no idea what i do wrong hah

one guy just replied me on fiver “I found what is causing it. It’s the line breaks from the bios in Instagram. Not sure why it’s breaking it into two columns though.”

he is asking for a high budget to fix this hah. maybe anyone knows how to fix this quickly without making it complicated?

Try to open the file on google sheets:
My scrape results never look that messy, so I believe the issue is on your PC.
You can also try changing the regional settings on your PC, see if it helps: