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Hello MP Social Community!

We introduce you the first Exclusive SMM panel - TheKingOfPanels.com
This is the first forum where we are with public topic/thread.

Please first read the description

Why is Exclusive and first of this kind?
TheKingOfPanels is not a regular panel like every other where you can just sign up, add funds and start with orders (we know that this is simple but not good for the clients)
We are working for over 8+ years with over 10 big clients and till now they never change our panel and services.
Our panel is exclusive because we accept clients with a bigger amount of orders daily only so we can focus on every client and give them the best services and support.

The process for registration on the panel
You can make an account on the panel but you can’t add funds or test orders before talking with us.
We always want first to talk with our clients before making a deal because we want first to explain to them everything about how our services work and what they can expect from our services or if they have some special requirement for some services to make for them.

The prices on the public service list are not fixed (first test the services) we can make a deal for every service and make the price by your requirements and also depend on the amount of orders you will have daily.

So we first talk and give you the test balance (not 1-2$) how much you need it so you can make a bigger test on our panel and make sure that everything is working as we describe to you.
After that, we can discuss the prices and how you want the services to be delivered or if you need special services, package to make for you.

After we make the deal you can add funds and start with orders.

What can we offer you?

  • All services that we offer are with Lifetime Guarantee and Lifetime Refill (you can ask for a refill even after 1-2 years if you want )

  • Every order starts in max 15 minutes.

  • You can request to cancel the order at any time and the order will be stopped and refunded/partial no questions asked, we can do this because we own every service.

  • We also accept multiple orders for the same URL even if they are ordered at the same time.

  • Every order is checked manually by the team before it gets completed to make sure that everything is ok.( we will explain this to you when we talk and how we handle orders that were previously from the same URL)

  • Services never got stuck and running without problems.

  • You will have support 24/7 on skype/whatsapp/viber/telegram and you will have team phone number in case you don’t get the answer on skype for more than 15-20 min so you can call if something is very urgent.

You can see some examples on the pictures from the multiple orders at once how we deal with them and also from returning clients that order all the time.

Payment Methods
We accept most payments methods and for bigger amounts, we can make a deal for a bonus up to 5%.

Refund Policy
You can ask for a refund or cancel every order at any time even if the order is still running.
The order will be stopped with delivery and refunded/partial by the team with no questions asked.

For more details, you can contact us on MPSocial Private Message
Email: thekingofpanels@gmail.com

We will answer every question you have :100:

If you decide to collaborate with us, we can guarantee you that you will not have problems at all that for sure you have on every other panel.

Give us the chance to show you what we can do :sunglasses:


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Your sales thread is approved. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you @milina for approving my sales thread.

Everyone interested in feel free to contact us.

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I have used @ICEMAN likes service and it was working very well for me. The likes were provided soon after I posted something. If I ever need likes this is the guy I talk to.

Thank you @sokolmkd for your review.


We see many people make acc on the panel just to know that you can make acc on the panel but you can’t add funds and you will not find any info on the panel website so please wrote us on MPSocial with private message or send us email so we can add you test balance and to talk more what service you need and to make deal about the price.


For every question you have or if you want to test the service on our panel
you can contact us on MPSocial Private Message
Email: thekingofpanels@gmail.com