Exclusive USA & International Instagram Growth Giveaways

Hello to the community of MP. I am King, a long time member here & I am finally making the jump of offering some of my services here! :rocket:

I am offering Instagram growth services to influencers, celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, brands, & business`s ect

How It Works:

  1. One, or several, Celebrity Influencers promote the Giveaway with multiple posts on their Instagram feed, Instagram Live, and Instagram Story.

  2. Influencer asks their followers to go to our Giveaway account on Instagram and follow all accounts we follow to enter into the Giveaway where we give away prizes like cash, iPhones, MacBook’s, ps5 gaming systems, designer bags ect

  3. By sponsoring the Giveaway, YOU will be one of the accounts that our designated Giveaway account follows on Instagram during the Giveaway that fans will follow for a chance to win prizes. Resulting in your brand gaining followers!

How Many Followers Can I Expect To Stay
You can expect 70-80% of followers gained to stay following your account & 10-20% to unfollow after the giveaway winner is announced. The giveaways include different celebrities, there would be no metric to measure this rate exactly.

How Long Are The Campaigns
Timelines can vary per campaign, however typically campaigns take about 1 week to complete

What Is The Follower Quality
All campaigns are 100% organic (NO bots) & all traffic is driven directly to your page from the celebrities account & our designated giveaway account! You can expect to gain mass followers from the advertised geo region, as well as some other regions as these are massive celebrity campaigns.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. However, in any extremely unusual significant event that a campaign is canceled or surprisingly underperforms, I will compensate with a placement in a giveaway with equal or greater quality.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee increased account engagement, sales, leads, ect

:rocket: Current Giveaway List Below :rocket:

5.1m Influencer Giveaway (USA)
Date: December 20th
Sponsor: @kristenhancher
Estimated Growth: 15k+
Min Guaranteed Growth: 10k
Price: $699

2m Influencer Giveaway (USA)
Date: January 21st
Sponsor: @sarahfuckingsnyder
Estimated Growth: 25k+
Min Guaranteed Growth: 20k
Price: $1,299

Slots are very limited! PM me to lock in your slot in my exclusive giveaways!:raised_hands:

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Your sales thread is approved now, good luck! :slight_smile: :fire:

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Thank you, I appreciate you! @milina

Goodluck King!!
I’m here to say I know King for a long time ago and he is legit, talked with him a lot about this stuff and also about Twitter automation using Jarvee and good things, I have not ordered yet anything but must say he does sound one of the good guys over here😊


Thank you so much @Adi_Ankonina, truly the goat of Jarvee :pray:

Hey @iki that would be because I am directly with the agency, admins approved! I help host these giveaways directly. Everything here is actually lower than public prices for mp community members :+1:

Bump!–PM me to lock in your slot :rocket:

My friend @heroeslair

A: We have no association with them (the company you attached)
B: Just read their reviews, didnt`t look so good

Please dont not come on my paid sales thread with this type of stuff.

Thank you

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I missed your one message above. I was meaning I am not in contact with the company you attached, there is tons of scams. I kindly ask you remove that from MY paid advertising thread. That is not permitted here.

I work closely to broker deals with the talent & giveaway networks. I chatted with MP staff from verified (blue tick account) offsite & they approved everything im doing here.

As far as all the service details, my listing is specific & has all info about the campaings. I am direct, not a reseller.

(post deleted by author)

I am a part of the community here, I am fine with any questions about the service, results, how they work ect

I am not open to attaching other companies or resellers (lots of scammers) on my thread. I know this is a Jarvee community that advocates for targeted growth. I`m aware with what that comes with.

But to clear any air, I am a direct provider. I work closely with these campaigns hands on

I also am not aware of guides of reselling campaigns, I don’t know anything about that but I do have infact people reselling from me offsite as I am direct

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Bump-:rocket: 10% off for all new orders for Cyber Monday, ends 11-30-2021 :rotating_light:

Bump, still taking orders! Who wants to grow? :rocket: :chart_with_upwards_trend: