Expected shoutout results

Assuming we find a high engagement account with real followers, and our page and content is strong, what price and new followers per shoutout can we expect from a page with:

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Depends on the industry and method of shoutout, among other things. I think that the question is too broad to effectively answer.

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Yes, highly depends on industry and niche as well as your accounts strength. Will be a lot higher for hot babes than for some fishing niche. Also you really need to hunt down high quality pages to get your shoutouts from because IMO the effectiveness of shoutouts has decreased over the recent years so you really need to find some good Accounts with engaged followers and also optimize your content that you will share with them.

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Lets use travel accounts as the example then.

Still way too many variables

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List the variables and I’ll come back with the most common and realistic assumptions.

I run a niche store and for me the accounts which provided the best results were 20k to 200k over 200k you have to make viral posts and then you can do good, always check the demographics of the account before doing the shootout.

literally mindblown when people only consider number of followers, that doesnt say absolutely
a n y t h i n g

how bout relevance, engagement, reach, profile visits…

think twice