Experience with ManyChat?

Have people tried using Manychat to reach out to their customers about new blog posts and products? Wondering what the CTR looks like as i am thinking about switching a lot of my promotions from E-mail to manychat


I personally build both. in the mailing you can send long sales messages, the messenger the better are the shorter messages

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Facebook doesn’t like promotional messages that much anymore. You might have to look into the current rules about that.

CTR are usually higher than email… as the open rates are higher

Btw, i think you should ask them a question first instead of giving them a link. It’s more Kosher that way.

Want to check out how you can write better captions on IG?
Yes /OR/ Nah im good

IF Yes —> link to blog post
IF No —> Okay no worries. What topics would you like to learn more about? Write to us here…

^^ Something like that where you ask for permission first, AND keeps an open loop to get more info from your lead.


Do you do this with broadcasts after you have collected subscribers to the list? Btw, what is your method of gettinf subscribers?

Yeah, that’s it, especially if you haven’t send a message to the subscriber in less than 24 hours. If it’s within a 24 hour window from the last message you sent Facebook isn’t as strict with promotional messages.