Experienced Person for CPA Project needed!


I’m about to dive into CPA soon but I have zero experience in this field, so I’m searching for somebody who already has done CPA projects and made good results from it.

They wont share the magic;)

Just start like we all started, doing research! Start reading some stuff, wacht some youtube stuff. But dont read too much. Just start, test, test and test, After that? Test.

Ofcourse you can ask many questions here, but first do some reseacrh!

Good luck!



This is where I failed.
I’ve gone through a lot of videos, blogs and at the end of the day I was thinking like 'Oh man, this is too damn complicated. I can’t do this any more’
Thank You for the advice sir @dma0245

If it was easy, everyone would do it. Then it wouldn’t be valuable. Nobody is born a professional. Dive into learning and keep going and soon enough you’ll know enough for meaningful results.

Then if you have any specific questions about parts where you’re unsure, there are many here who can help out.

Good luck.


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