Experiences with selling shoutouts

Hello friends
Has anyone of you had any experience in selling shoutouts? How many followers do you need at least and how much did you charge for it?

I sold shoutouts before all my Instagram accounts got banned in October/November. You can start at 10K followers but it’s not really worth it because you’ll only be offered $5 etc. I had 25K when I started getting shoutout requests on a weekly basis and I was able to sell 24-hour shoutouts for $15 USD + $5 USD for a bio link, etc.

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But its a monthly income, even when its not much in the beggining
In which niche were this accounts and did you managed to unban them

For me shoutouts can be very benificial because my main account is in this niche
So can be a bit of mother slave and shoutoutpages at once because I will do shoutouts for my main account there

How long did it took you do build this 25k accounts
Imagine you have 50 accounts growing them to 20k
Then selling 10 shoutouts a month for 10 dollars
That would be 5000 dollars which is not bad at all.
You just have to manage them all, when you have a Virtual Assistant for that would be perfect.

This is true! Plus you can use the money you earn from selling shoutouts to fund other projects or upscale your operations.

No comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

No I didn’t manage to unban them- I couldn’t get a picture of myself taken because I don’t have a mobile phone capable of doing so.

It took about 15 months- it would be quicker now though since I know more about growing accounts, etc.

Everything sounds great when you do the math, but you can’t count on concrete numbers month after month. You might make $5000.00 in March but only make $1000.00 in April- that’s why it’s much better to grow large accounts 50K+ in size and try selling 2 shoutouts a month at $50 per. shoutout.


Yeah bro this is just estimated and growing my accounts to 50-100k+ is the big goal
Then you can double the outcome haha

I’d like to buy shoutouts in Australia for health, mummy bloggers, fashion and pet niche - DM me if anybody can do this