Experiment in Selling a IG Account

So currently I got an account with 17K in the gaming niche. Engagement rate is 36.99% with the top geo locations being US, Canada and UK. My experiment with this page is to grow it as huge as possible and see how much I could sell it for. The goal is to sell it for as much as possible to pay my tuition $6000 or to purchase a car. I’ll see how far I can take it in a year or 2. What’s the most anyone here have sold a page for?

200€ for a 20k followers account. And I regret It every single day… Before selling the account, try to sell shoutouts to other accounts in your niche!

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ahhhhh 1k=8~10 usd …

I Hope he can get more, as his ER is awesome!

You need to reach to 600K-720K to get what you want.
Or you can try selling shoutout on your to reach that dream. Maybe you can get double in my opinion.
BEcause to sell BIG account not to liquid as selling 10K-100K Account thats my opinion.

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Thanks for the insight, I know it’s possible to get there once I keep grinding out post.

Selling shoutouts By reaching out to accounts in the same niche or by listing the account on sites like shoutcart.com

They never accepted my page the first time I applied because it’s a specific game niche page I guess

So far I got offered $250

sorry to hear that but there’s more than that website
and the best way i guess is reaching iut to gamers and telling them what you can provide them!

where did you list it!

I listed it on fameswap. I never took the offer though. I believe my page is worth way more. It’s all selfmade content in photoshop and you get the account with the psd files to basically create unlimited content because all the different content of the game is in the psd file.

I would never wait until you reach your goal, after 2 years.

So many factors that can destroy it:)

What if IG ban your account(they can do it without any reason) after 1.5 year? 0 money made.

What if IG becomes a not so populair platform just before you want to sell? 0 money made.

Dont wait to earn money. Just start now.

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Why would they ban my account if I am not even doing automation. All I do is make post. Well about IG not being so popular. I don’t really know about that. But maybe the game might not be so popular in the future. I don’t want to let go the account so early when I feel I can make more. I usually play for the longterm in anything I do.

Believe me, they can ban any account. Go Google.

And you make all your content yourself :slight_smile:

Where did i said anything about letting the account go?

Okay gotcha and yes I make every piece of content on the page myself.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Concentrating solely on one account can be risky because you never know what can happen in a year or two. Like @dma0245 said, it can be banned at any time.

However, if you turn it into a brand account or influencer account and do collabs, shoutouts and look for sponsors in your niche or paid adverts, it can bring money especially if you create the content yourself.

If you have time and money, you could make more of accounts like those (since you are already at 17k, I assume that you know how to grow an account) and mitigate your risks. Remember, if you are thinking long term, always have a backup plan.


Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it