[Experiment] What kind of images have higher/lower engagement for an Instagram handle

Hi all,
One good thing which has happened while building our product is that we have gotten a huge amount of Instagram data to play with.

We were experimenting with a feature that would go through the images of Instagram handles and group visually similar images together into categories. The categories would then be ranked based on engagement to find what kind of images generate higher engagement and which ones generate lower.

I thought to share some interesting results with you so that I can get your inputs and feedback on how this looks to you. If this sounds interesting to you, please read along.

Here’s how the categories for Neil Patel’s handle look like:

Let me know if this makes sense to you.


Are you taking into account the number of saves and shares the info graphics get?

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No. We are just considering likes + comments to calculate the engagement. We too would have liked it better to use saves and shares but the Instagram official API doesn’t provide it.