Experimenting with hashtags for better reach

Hi all,

I’ve seen a lot of posts here mentioning hashtag’s reach is very low/suddenly dropped and apparently there are no standard reasons as to why that might be happening.

I was exactly in the same boat a few days back. We are into the social media and AI niche and post mostly tips/ tricks, niche-related info, and likes. The reach of our handle was not going above 8-10 no matter which hashtags we used. We tried different strategies like using low volume hashtags, mixing hashtags having different volumes, etc. with no luck.

Finally, we started getting some results - more than 10x the previous reach. So, I thought of sharing what we did.

What did we change? Variety of hashtags that we used in the same post.

Earlier we used to put in hashtags that were relevant to the content but very similar to each other. For ex. If the post was about “Social Media Influencers”, we would just use hashtags related to social media and leave out the hashtags related to influencers.

What we observed since the last few posts, the reach from hashtags significantly increases if we put hashtags that are related to every aspect of the post. For ex. If the post is about “Friday Giveaway in a social media niche”, we would include hashtags related to the weekend, giveaway, and social media.

Let me know if any of you have observed the same trend.


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Thanks for sharing this my friend @akki1212
actually this strategies works well

for me I also do use some few hashtags that are related to the post and also use other tags I think I can get the audience that are interested in that post

example if I’m in social media then
I can combine with the foodbloggers tags or Music tags cause they might also be interested in the post I created and it gives a good chance to get a good following in the audience that don’t have more of your competitors using the same tags

so that’s my other strategies of getting results and it works

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Thanks for sharing the information!

yeah, that’s accurate, I’m doing the same on my own posts and experimenting with different stuff every 2-3 weeks and I can say that that strategy does indeed work and give better results.

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Thanks for validation!

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I can confirm that the strategy works. I have been doing the same for about a month and the reach is exponentially better. Also, I use hashtags of different volumes as well. Thanks for sharing

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Yes, we too are using hashtags with different volumes while using the strategy.