Expert advice needed! [Twitter Account Suspended]

I am working at an agency and I have a client who provides proxy services. In past two months the client’s Twitter account got suspended twice. When approached Twitter Support, it says the reason is selling ‘Counterfeit Digital Goods’. However it’s competitors are posting same marketing material and tweeting kind of similar text and links, yet they are safe on Twitter. I am trying my ass off recover it, as my client is demanding to get the officials account back. What are the possibilities to recover the account? and What may be the reasons you think that cause the suspension?

P.S Posting this on behalf on my friend.

interested in this too…Any advices?

I have very limited experience with Twitter suspensions, but the few cases I know of, rather than Twitter catching you, it is usually a bunch of users reporting the account. In this case, it’s probably one of the competitors.

If the business is legal though, there should be no reason for the suspension to continue. Has your friend tried to send them official documents (incorporation documents, latest year-end filings, etc) as proof?