Explore page no longer showing up in impressions?

I have a decor account with 236k, four years of building this account. No bought followers or follow/unfollow tactics used.
In the last 6 months I rarely see explore in my impressions. I used to see it on every post.
My hashtags work well and I get the majority of my likes from there and profile.

My impressions and reach are half of what they used to be as well as likes being way down.
Any suggestions as to what is going on?
I will see explore and then it disappears. Does it get wrapped into other?

In your case it gets wrapped into others because it’s less than your impressions from profile, hashtags and home.

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Okay, then that seems to make sense.
The dip in impressions and reach seems to be across board for many of us. I thought maybe I wasn’t getting to explore any more.
It is all so frustrating.

Yeah a lot seem to be experiencing this drop, just gotta keep working on our content and optimize as best as we can along the way