Explosive Engagement from New Chronological Algorithm?

I run a large luxury account, and on Thursday my posts started exploding from 6k avg. likes to 15-20k. The interesting part is that the new engagement is coming mostly from my own followers (some 20k likes posts have only 3% that weren’t following me).

I’ve heard it’s something to do with Instagram selecting a few pages (including mine) and showing all their posts in chronological order to their followers.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know more about this?

(Not sure if it matters, but I don’t use bots or anything automated like most seem to do on this forum)

Haven’t heard of it sounds interesting though

you mean multiple posts from same account ? i think for the chronological order you are right they where already workig on it before https://techcrunch.com/2020/02/13/instagram-latest-posts/

but i dont think they will give 1 account to much place on the feed of x user , its more because you post in the best timing possible and with ths algorithm change it clearly made an impact

I have no idea whether the people seeing my posts in chronological order are seeing a select few accounts in chronological order, or their entire home feed (all accounts they follow) has changed as well.

I doubt it’s because of the best timings, I think it exploded because most pages are still on the old algorithm. I only know 2 others who have exploded just like me.

yeah i think its more related to this , since if ig do an update of the algorthm it will not pply to only part of accounts x user follow but to all of them

if its not timing in your opinion what you think it gave this impact and drastic change ?

cuz the major factor of chronological order , is that most recent posts will show up on the feed of the user thats why i thought that its related to timing , if at 8pm you post , and 20-30% of your audience are active at that time , and first thing they will see is recent post (you will get better reach wich will lead to better eg if audience like content)

maybe you dont do it on purpose but you got it right without being aware of it (by experience and testing ):slightly_smiling_face:

Okay timing does have something to do with it I’ve realized, however, posts posted at ‘non-peak time’ still get easily over 12k likes, when I’d be lucky if they got over 8k early last week. Posts posted at peak time easily get 15-20k+.

if you posted before on a peak time and it worked well , ig will automatically start giving you better reach and exposure for next posts so even if its not at peak time mostly ig will start showing it more to people that highly engaged before , its just the impact of the last posts that got good results that make ig reward you like that + ofc many other factors (quality of the post,if users that engaged before are mostly coming from yur own followers not hashtags,shutouts…)

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