Exposed Instagram "Escorts" girls, running after money (really funny!)

Hello every one,

Its been an hour that I’m reading tons of those posts on this website :slight_smile:

Its a guy that acts like is a dubai billionaire guy with a fake IG, showing money and cars, and he hook up girls, to see until where they can go to have some money and racks ahah.

there’s always a funny part with him asking them to masturbate his camel :sob:

I hope this don’t violate any community guidelines, and I wish you all a good popcorn time reading all those screenshots !


Maybe we can hook up one of those girls, for adult CPA ? ahah.


Thanks youuu this shit is hilarious :joy:


This is kind of f**ked up tbh :joy:

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OMG hahaha :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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This is really hilarious.

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Madness all of this… money talks i guess.

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Darkness. Reveals are (sort of a little) satisfying but it’s just too fucked up

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Looool! You made my day, dude!
Thank you so much for the share

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hahah I remember these guys, funny shit

I have been following that blog for quiet a while now its hilarious :smiley: I just wonder why he doesn’t get more comments on the blog should be super popular by now

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He calls everyone deer :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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hahah that’s crazy

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