Extemely low engagement SOS!

Hey guys,
Since the last superblock wave, I got my IG account banned for a few days, (first time ever)
I was getting around 2k engagement, and now I’m barely reaching 500!! What the hell is going on?

Same with my Ig stories… they’re down to 1/4 of views…

Anyone know what has happened, and how I can try to make it work again?


Do your posts appear under hashtag search? Try adding a post with a specific hashtag and search for it from a different account. If it doesn’t appear in the recent posts your account is shadowbanned. You should use it for couple of days as an average user without performing any actions. Repeat posting and hashtag search every few days until it appears there. When it does start slowly performing all your actions and try to use your account more like a human.

Unbanned accounts take 30 to 60 days may be more to get ER back. It’s normal so don’t worry just keep on posting . your on shadowed lockdown until it lifts and nothing you can do

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I learned that there is no such thing as shadowbans
just banned hashtags,… thats what I learnt, I cant confirm if this is legit though

Thanks! I had no idea! last video I posted says it has 0 reach…
Its so frustrating xD

I have no idea, but ill check it out!
I stopped automation because of the blocks… dont really even know if automation is still working???

Both of you guys are wrong on both cases.
You can make quicker recovery after being banned. Real engagement helps, tested that.
There is shadowbanning, it’s not a theory to discuss on, you get AC, PV or ban- you won’t appear under hashtag search with your posts. Shadowban lifts- you appear again.
It’s not a theory, I’m observing this on every single case.
Automation can run without a single problem, it’s just the guys on the forum panicking.

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are you using JV?
Mass viewing isnt working atm is it?

thnx for the help btw!!

Never liked the concept of masslooking, or anything that wasn’t humanly possible.
People viewed few million stories a day, how stupid.
I use J.
Look, the whole concept is to make algo work for you. It’s like a snowball effect and it works both ways. People who get blocked will get blocked even more. People who run well now will be allowed to run even more.

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You only recover when Insta says so. Every account is different. Depending on the reason for the ban it takes a minimium of 2 weeks with average of 30 days after getting unbanned as you are flagged. This also happens after a post is removed, EV , PV. That simple

Some blocks expire even after 60 days