Extract IG likes from posts

Hey All!

do you know any way to extract the list of likes from my posts?
I need to figure out which are the profiles that are not liking my post in the last 6 months.
There is an extension of chrome that is tagged as malware and now requires payment.

Any alternative to Jarvee?

Thank you all for the support :slight_smile:

well, I’m using JV for that and it’s working perfectly fine, note that IG only allows for the last 1000 likers to be extracted via API, if that is the reason why you are looking for a JV alternative I can tell you that that rule is coming from IG directly.

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Ciao Luca,

last 1000 likers per post or 1000 likers in total?
thank you

1000 likers per post. You can extract more than 1000 users if you use likers/username as the extraction source instead of likers/posturl.

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As already said, you’ll get 1000 likes from each post only. And if you want to extract more, you’ll need to make your own tool.

I searched for something like this for days two years ago and ended up making my own bot that does that. And after recent IG changes it works on only 30% of accounts and I have no interest in updating it.

What I suggest is:
a) code your own
b) choose criteria on which you’ll find the users who are less likely to engage with your posts.
c) realize that a lot of people who are inactive do not see your content in their feeds. I have a few accounts and am constantly contacted by people who thought I deleted my account since they stopped seeing my posts for months. This usually happens if someone with a group of friends decides to report you for some reason.
I guess the power of reports is getting weaker so people are starting to see my posts again. (what really helped is removing IG for a month and then coming back after “holiday”).

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I was referring to 1000 likers per post, and as ossi said you can extract more than 1000 users if you use likers/username