Extract users who interact with specific post?

I can’t recall it and did a search about this one function, but can not find. Maybe my search term is not related.
How can I extract users who likes, shares or comments on specific post in Facebook?


Right click on names of the users who liked/reacted on post and copy link, then paste the link to Contact tool > Extract users. This will extract users who reacted to post.

For shares and comments - can’t be done.



Thank you!

But, when I tried extracting, its result is done with just under a hundred profiles. I’ve set the scroll delay upto 30000 seconds.
Why is it extracting’s result very low users amount. The post got 3.5K likes.

You should copy the link of the post, and not the link of the likes. At least, thats how works for me :wink:

Whenever I put the post link in Auto Extract or Extract Members, it show status error.

It depends on Internet /proxy speed, your PCs specs… We can’t scroll down forever… Also, at some point, facebook stops loading users.

Is there any chance to use this tool now? Every extraction could find more than 245 likes, but post had 3+K likes…