Extracting contact info from Instagram Business profiles?

Hey people! I’ve been reading you all for a while but this is my first post. :slight_smile:

  1. Does anybody knows an Instagram scraper that can identify if a profile is a Business Profile or not?

  2. Or do you know a footprint to detect it? I’ve been comparing source codes but couldn’t spot any difference (of course).

  3. Or even better… is there any instagram scraper out there that can scrape contact info from business profiles?

Thanks a lot!

Screenshot: https://image.prntscr.com/image/q06j_MeJRx_Fb6qAW5dVow.png

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A bot can be coded to detect the ajax code that shows the email feature, and then of course to extract the email and save the username and email to a file/database. Try posting a job on a freelancing site.

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definitely see the value in having this created


I’ve been talking to the guy behind Instadub. He told me his bot can do this. I didn’t buy the tool yet to confirm though.

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If you don’t find a solution PM me , we offer this as a service .


Just curious, but what kind of value could this bring in regards to knowing the differanc ebetween a busness and personal profile?

My guess would be that they are most likely real people (fake accounts are never business accounts) and you can extract emails to do whatever you want to do with them lol

You can maybe even first scrape users based on your own interests and then look for their emails or phone numbers


@gainzTRAIN it is for a very specific reason. I have 2 scrapers. One works very fast but can’t scrape business info because it is only shown on the app. Then a second one that can retrieve this info but is VERY slow. So it would already help detecting business from non business profiles to split the scrape task and only do business ones with the slow bot. Hope it makes sense.
Anyways, as I mentioned before, there seems to be a tool that already scrapes biz info. I have to test it first. I’ll comment here if it works.

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Sharing instagram business profile scraper with you guys. You need to use instagram account to use it as it uses mobile api to retrieve business profile data. Its built for one known web scraping service.
Scraper code it on Pastebin, you need to set instagram login to line 8, password to line 11 and list of profiles (usernames) to extract to line 14.

Be careful, since its NOT official API, you account may be banned for such activity so better register some extra account to do it.


I need this.
Can someone provide me this service/tool?

Kind regards

Instadub does this. Jarvee as well.

This is simply not true… :slight_smile:

@Steffson what exactly isn’t true? I use Jarvee every second day for scraping contact details from business profiles. While I haven’t tried Instadub myself, I talked to the developer and he assured me they also have this same function.

How can I scrape and make lists (quick) of businesses in let say Belgium…?

The simplified version would be: Get Jarvee, use their scraper to extract business profile data of the followers of a Belgium account. Export the list. Filter out non business profiles and voilà. It’s not quick though. Exporting business profile data takes time.


Nice one man, seems this has been overlooked somehow by the community, I also did not notice it when you posted this. I’ve done a fair bit of scraping but don’t have a tool that can filter business accounts form a list of usernames. Do you know if it is it still functional after the recent IG changes?

Also, excuse my ignorance, but where exactly would one run this? I’m not terribly familiar with any programming but usually manage to get the occasional script working with a bit of effort. Any pointers on how to run this?

I’m familiar with Jarvee scraping features, but I thought that they where pulling publicly available contact details as found in the bio, and not the business account contact details (the ones that get their own button in the app). I had actually tested this at some point but forgot to write it down and and now I’m not feeling 100% certain anymore about my results. It was late lol.

You can be pretty sure that an account with a phone number (and website) in the bio are probably selling something, and thus they are ‘business’ related, but that’s not exactly the same as an IG business account. I’ve seen the option in some bots to follow or skip only business accounts on the fly, but that’s not the same as filtering a list and would take a lot longer to compile a list like that after following the business accounts. Also, these scrapers found in bots that I have seen are painfully slow, not suitable for lists larger than a few thousand.

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Sorry, had some vacation :slight_smile:

Not sure, I will try to find out soon and let you know
EDIT: they removed way to get JSON of channel page, so slight modification was required to make it working again. But unofficial API still working, so here is modified version that works:

Diggernaut platform: https;//www.diggernaut.com

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Wow, dude that’s awesome, you have gone above and beyond the call of duty! Many thanks, will test this out tonight :grin::+1:

EDIT: I took a loot at the diggernaut website, as far as I can tell this is a paid scraping tool like for example octoparse… it would cost me more than $1000 per month to do what I want to do there (30M page requests per month). I was looking for something free (or one time payment tool), not a paid platform. Am I misunderstanding something?

you can compile scraper there and download to run locally, its free

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Ahhh OK, I think I get it now. I was looking at their pricing page, where they say the free option is limited to 5K page requests and don’t say anything about the possibility to compile-and-run-locally. Back on the to-do list it goes lol. Thanks @Jackomo

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