Extracting FB groups Members on Contact tool

Hi MPSocial Community! :slight_smile:

Today I wanted to give my contribution to the community! :slight_smile:

Most recently, I’ve been working on FB and have noticed that many of you (including me :slight_smile: ) have been getting problems with extracting members of groups.

I’ve tried many different things and solutions and finally managed to set it up to get extractions without any issues:

First thing first, make sure that you are only extracting from groups that you are a member of. Then, you have to make sure that you’re using English language on your account’s Facebook Language:

Next, confirm that your EB is maximized by selecting the option to remember browser size and location and after you’ve selected it, open the EB of your FB account and maximize it.

After that, the extractions should go smoothly. But in case you’re still struggling, try extracting with your EB open, that seems to do the trick on some cases I’ve seen.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


very nice Jaha, I also had multiple issues with that, thanks for the explanation.

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Thanks for sharing @Jaha Do you think there’s a difference between English (US) and English (UK)? :slight_smile: a few months ago I run the tool and got some error, it started to work after I changed the language from English (UK) to English (US), i found that weird tbh. Maybe something else was the issue. Also, I think we should make the EB bigger by resizing it. It doesn’t mean we have to maximize the EB.

No problems, I am glad that you find it helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this @Jaha, it’s always good to know have here tricks and solutions, that’s why I love the forum.

I found no difference in using English US and UK, it worked for me in both cases but yeah that’s really weird behavior, prolly some sort of glitch but generally it should work properly with both languages.

So, maximizing hasn’t worked for you ossi, only resizing?

Pls, I am new here, may I know what EB is?

EB means embedded browser. You can open the embedded of your account in Social Profiles tab by clicking BROWSE

the embedded browser is what Jarvee uses to execute actions on your account it’s like a regular browser but works for Jarvee’s tools

Thanks very much friends, i am really glad to be here, the way you people respond is just too amazing, thanks very much.
So the embedded browser can be found on jarvee, and if that is the case, pls can anyone refer me to where I can get jarvee downloaded to my system.

here you go @Arik_Solah you can check the following thread about Jarvee

and this is the link from where you can download it