F/u 500 or 1000? ALGORITHM

Hey guys, I can tell you a experience i make, thought it was right but i read here that it could be wrong. Every time i get a new client i didnt warm it up, i go full with 800 f/u daily, 800 likes in the like exchange ( never worked, get every time suspendet, when i make 200 likes get suspendet too) And the account didnt got ever disabled or really not often the account gets a follow blockage, maybe once a week for 1 hour. Now it would be interesting to know, do you think it is nevertheless better to stay completly safe with 500 f/u and that the instagram algorithm is better with the setting? And do you guys follow while unfollowing? Jarvee told me in a mail 1 month ago that it is great to enable follow unfollow and make it severally


I think you should warm up the clients accounts. 500 f/U a day is a lot for a brand new client


Okay, then i have to make my free trial longer, from 5 days to 1 week with, 100, 300, 500 f/u

Test your settings on your own accounts. don’t risk your clients accounts

You should absolutely warm up your account, start at 50 and don’t add too much each day. Going straigth to 800 with a client’s account is asking for trouble. Also be weary of the like tool. IG is suuper strict about likes and it can easily get you banned. So keep the likes well below 800 in my opinion.

Depending on the account health 500 f/u should be a reasonably safe amount. Make sure everything is really well set up before you go above that number

Yeah, no matter how high of a trustscore the acc has, you should never go from 0-800 follows/day immediatly lol :wink:
I think with a good proxy you should be able to do 800/day, but warm up towards that!

You should always warm up first, even if you have the best account and the best proxy. And following 800 daily is definitely possible with a good quality setup.

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