F/U damaging the trust score

Hi there,

Just wondering, how F/U could affect the trust score of an account?

Not talking about being AC or block…

Just the fact of doing F/U seems to me really easy for instagram to detect even if no blocking action is sent.

So my question,
Can The F/U technique damage the trust score of an ig account in the long run? If no AC or any block is never received, can we say that the trust score is intact?

Thanks for reading!

Everything is easy to detect for Instagram. They simple chose to not act on it.

General speaking it does not lower the trust score, but every action exposes you to a possible report. If those accumulate or your misbehavior is detectable by the automatic report checker, then you will get troubles.


Thanks for the insight, seems logical.

Correct me i’m wrong but the same question applies to engagement group technique. Even if no action block is taken, it’s seems quite easy for Instagram to detect that these interactions are not like real no? (even if it can be harder to detect through telegram engagement group)

i think it does not affect it since its one of the core features and the site its all about maing a community and interacting btw each other well thats what i guess and as @HenryCooper said they know everything even the size of your left feet :upside_down_face:

@HenryCooper are you a python dev ? i saw your nickname on github i think

I think you asked the wrong question. Follow unfollow can lead to damaged trust score IF you then accumulate ghost followers who don’t engage with your content, which will in turn make Instagram think your content is bad and punish it by not distributing it to as many new people.


I am not named Henry Cooper on Github :slight_smile:

Nowadays with Graph databases, the processing power required to getting insights into such “group” activities on a regular basis (or even in real-time) is not expensive.

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