F/U issue, dont do the actions

How are you my friends
One thing that fucked me up is that many client accounts dont do the 600 f/u
In the top of Jarvee is 800 f/u but i stop it after 600
and the clients make 300/400 only even if i they have to do more actions

Do you had this problem before?

Are you using mobile or datacenter proxies?

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The ig proxies from highproxies
I use 5 of your mobile proxies too and those accounts work

but if I switch all my clients from the ig proxies to the mobile proxies I have to warm them up again and this could be ten days extra wait time for the clients

Ok, well as you mentioned that it happens on datacenter IPs it is most likely not related to the latency.

If you have heavy filters, keep an eye on the follow tool tooltip in the tools tab of Jarvee. It will tell you how many users got filtered out. You could also reduce the filters and use generic follow sources to see if that is causing any issues.


Do you could recommend to switch them all to mobile proxies and give the wait time (warmup) for free?

You should never switch proxies if it can be avoided, so my recommendation is not to switch :slight_smile:


there you have it

still do it, think longterm, you’ll catch up quick

As no one yet mentioned this, do you have enough sources in the follow tool?

To test if it’s filters, you could use a scraper account to extract accounts to the main one ( I do 20 per session on my throwaway accounts). This ensures you have plenty of accounts to follow and if it recovers to the numbers you want to see - then it’s the filters. If it still falls behind, then will probably be proxy.

Although here you kinda got your answer if you don’t want to go and test.

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Definitely try your filters man I had these same problems recently and narrowing my filters helped a lot