F/UF Same Time VS Automatic F/UF

What is the best to use for CLIENT accounts? How detrimental can F/UF at the same time be for client accounts?

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As long as you are careful with the total number of actions everyday and have good proxies you should be ok. Just make sure you have good targeting to actually get results.

For clients I would limit it to 150-200 follows per day max.

Also make sure the client isn’t going crazy with activity while you have Jarvee running in their account. You don’t want IG to see logins from different IPs at the same time.

I honestly would not risk that solely based on the fact there are more actions each hour if you do both F/UF at the same time better to spread it out first do follow then unfollow or use the automatic follow/unfollow setting . Although I did them seperately and received a block nevertheless so I guess during this block “armageddon” no rules apply :laughing:

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@Cudi I agree with the above post. Personally, I would do these on separate days but with this damn apocalypse from Instagram, who the hell knows lol. Personally, whatever you can do that minimizes any more red flags is the way to go.
I think F/UF at the same time is a red flag because it’s not something many people do normally. I sure don’t. It’s not natural.

As the others have advised. Doing F/UF simultaneously will raise more red flags. Better split the actions to specific times in the day or use the automatic f/uf feature. It’s way safer that way

Personaly I use automatib F/U its even recommended by Jarvee team since a long date this not a new thing

We usually don’t recommend using both tools at the same time that’s why we have the automatic F/U option for that. It raises red flags. No one spends their entire day just doing follow and unfollow. Always remember to keep your settings as human-like as possible.

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There is an option to always have x to y amount of seconds between actions, so it will never happen exactly on the same time. So, I believe that it will be fine if you check that. It also is not humanlike to mass follow one day and mass unfollow the other… Just my insights. Never had problems, except for the 4th and the last days (25 procent of the accounts received a block)


Before I used a bot on my personal account, I remember I would follow a massive amount of people in one day, then the next day, I would unfollow everyone, and I would go back and forth each and every day.


If we keep to the limit of 200 actions per day, and we don’t cycle F/U daily we will end up only following 3k per month.

For example - 200 follows a day for 15 days followed by 200 unfollows a day for 15 days = 3k monthly follows.
Or - 200 follows from midday to midnight, followed by 200 unfollows from midnight to midday - 6k monthly follows.

How can we safely maximise our monthly total follows?

Try to do 200 in 12 hours :slight_smile:
I always do so much: D Then straight away unfollow.
And that’s it :slight_smile:

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Never had a problem with either tbh. Just me smart about the way you set up the limits.

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