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Hello everybody.

First of all, excuse my English.
my problem is simple. My Facebook account is logged out, and when I go to “browse” I have to log in manually. Is there any solution?


Do you have the option manual login checked in Settings tab? if so, i’d recommend you uncheck it, then enter your FB credentials.

Go in Social Profiles tab > click on the account > Check Advanced profile settings, and check this option:

Then click on verify account button.

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Make sure the option above is checked and log in to the account once again, if it gets logged out contact JV support about the isse.

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hello am new here, please I want to know if Jarvee is still working… I would also want help on how to drive Facebook traffic to my site.

Thank you so much.

I will check the option in all accounts and log in again.

Thanks Luca!!!

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Yes, Jarvee is still working. Check out these articles: