Facebook account keep getting disabled

Hello guys how are you all
Straight back to my question and it’s bothering me for a while
I keep getting Facebook accounts disabled and this is the 6th time it happened last night.
The thing is we need to login to the account from 3 different location as we work on our each shift.
So I was wondering what warmup methods should I apply if it’s a totally new account and used for marketing? Is it wrong that we are logging it from 3 diff location as it’s a new fb.
All we do is send request and message to targeted people.
Please give me some advice

I would say that you should avoid logging in from other devices for at least a couple of months until you’re sure that account is warmed up. And even then you could face some issues.

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yes, you should not log into the account from multiple devices especially a newly created one.

Keep in mind that the following reasons could be the cause of the ban:

If you are posting the same posts again and again.
if you are using the same hashtags in the posts.
if you are tagging the same user in the posts,
if you are using the same caption or a part of it over and over again
The account is very new.
The account has very few followers.

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Thanks for the tip mate

It’s been 2 days and now no sign of block for now let’s hope for the best

just keep things going slowly don’t overdo stuff and keep what I said above in check and you should be fine.