**Facebook accounts Farming Guide 2020**

Hello everyone my name is federico.
The purpose of this thread is to create a useful guide for all users who are interested in farming Facebook accounts to advertise etc.

I would be happy if each of us contributed by saying the things he found to be working for:
-Create account
-How to automate and simulate the human behavior of the account (interactions, messages, comments, etc.)
-When and How to create the business manager

I’ll start by giving my contribution to this topic.

I state that I started a few weeks ago in this sector but I have dedicated many hours of work to this end.
My need was to create many business managers to advertise.

Personally I use multilogin software to simulate all independent android browsers (as if they were different phones)

In synergy I use the 4g proxy to mask the ip.
I learned that the 4g proxy has several advantages and you can rotate the IP infinite times, as if you turned the cellphone off and on again to understand each other.

For each profile I try to connect a real phone number by buying sims when possible (by the way I’m looking for anonymous and already active low cost sims to buy). If I don’t have a sim initially connected to a new email, but I suggest you create it with a sim and also connect an email to it.

Once created I upload a photo of a face taken from instagram (obviously I sign the name of the profile from which I take it) and I apply filters with the “inshot” app and the mirror ride on the other side.

I try to enter every single profile at least once a day to make some interactions (I would like to automate this part) always changing the proxy ip every time I change the multilogin profile.

This is my procedure, I know that I have to improve some things and implement others.

I leave you the word for your contribution.

Thanks and happy 2020 guys.


taking photo from instagram could not be dangerous? as if you need to confirm your identity facebook is probably going to find out that this photo was taken from internet? for this reason i avoid taking photos from such sources or google.

I too had this doubt. in fact, as I wrote in the procedure, I always take care to edit and turn the photo that does not match it with the original

Hi what software you use? Thanks

He mentioned that. Multilogin.com