Facebook accounts for comments

Hello guys, I have a lot of Facebook accounts for leaving a lot of comments, but I don’t dare to use them yet. How can I do this so that accounts are not banned? What is the best browser antidetect to use. I used to use gologin and adspower antidetect, but never contacted facebook before. On other sites, they are almost neutral towards multi-action. I used only free versions, will it work with facebook?

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why dont u use like indigo browser or multi login but you need 4g proxies that are very good quality and not abused

Using guest accounts in google chrome

You can try Incogniton and dolphy, both of them provide for free use of up to 10 accounts at the same time, I think this will be more than enough
If you create different accounts in the same browser, it may not be safe for advertising cabinets, they monitor this very strictly.

Try to use anti-detect browsers like ADSpower

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I agree, you must make it undeteced