Facebook Accounts Providers Experiences

I started writing some of this as a comment on a post for someone after FB account providers, and I realised I could easily expand my experiences with different Facebook account providers and share it in case it helps anyone.

I’ll start by saying that most of my work is done on a budget (for a charity) so that means using budget providers (or budget accounts from them). This means it may not be as much of an issue for some, or even a reflection of the provider’s higher quality accounts. I imagine there are less issues with log in challenges the first time and getting blocked more easily when using higher quality aged accounts from some premium sellers. Nonetheless, here are my experiences with account sellers from BHW or online sellers:

PandaSMM: This has been one of my most successful providers, and oddly the most significantly affordable. They were stable for logging in and have been reliable for the light to moderate activity they do. They have available accounts for 60 cents each (40 cents in bulk) PVA new, but if I recall they came about a month or two old so that probably helps. They also now have some 1-2 year age accounts and options for cookies accounts. The owner is also very helpful on Skype with any questions. I’d recommend that for a budget provider. The one thing I don’t like is that they are made on mobile phone numbers (and they’re from TextNow which you won’t have access to) so you’ll want to delete those numbers off the account if you don’t want to be blocked when mobile verification comes (as they won’t give you the option to mobile verify on a new mobile number). However, you can’t delete the mobile number from the account if the mobile if the mobile is the main login for the account. My workaround for this was just to add mail.ru emails to the account as login and remove the mobile from it. That works and is just a bit of effort.
Skype: social.signals
PandaSMM BHW Thread

AccountsSeller.com: This is a more budget account provider I stumbled across and had some good luck with recently. He had 2 year aged Non-PVA accounts for around 50 cents each. I think I got 30 of them from him but since going back to him he’s unable to provide them again at the moment which is a shame because they were a great price for aged on a budget. I don’t know how they’d go for strong marketing campaigns but for my moderate use they are good. The accounts all worked on first login with no issue and have been stable since. When looking to purchase more from him recently he gave a sample new PVA account and that one hit verification on second login which it couldn’t pass. So I don’t think I’ll be able to use the newer accounts from that seller.
Skype: monir.2017
No BHW Thread, but BHW user is saju2014

247Accs: Seems like they have a fair bit of business on BHW but my experience was that the accounts were hit and miss. Wouldn’t be a recommendation. Still got a number of them working but a lot would go down quite instantly or soon, despite being accounts that cost $3+ and aged for years, sometimes to 2007. In hindsight, with the activity on them I think they were hacked accounts.
Email: Operates by email, not Skype. I found him responsive and helpful, and was good when it came to addressing dead accounts.
247Accs BHW Thread

BuyAccs: Same thing really, hit and miss but sometimes just quite poor, like half of the accounts would be dead upon delivery (from a small order though). Naturally they just replace those and continue replacing until you get it working, within 48 hours of each account. I’ve ordered fairly new PVA ones and also some aged ones recently. Some of them stayed working from the past so that’s good, but the recent order to try out didn’t work for me. They can be fairly cheap accounts on there though, so having them go down is less of a blow.
They operate from the website BuyAccs.com
No BHW thread actually, but the website gets referred around the place on BHW. It’s probably worth having a look at comments on BHW regarding a particular product you’re after first.

LikePusher (RussianRacket on BHW): I tried out just a small number of their accounts and whilst I stuffed up the methods for most of them, the ones I used from them worked reliably. They claim to have their own setup method and they have customisable creation when you order, like country, gender and they put photo sets on. You can also select ages. However, many people complain on their thread about slow delivery and response and that was very much my experience. It took around 5 days or more after purchase to get 10 accounts. I would say that I was happy with the accounts but not inclined to use them again based on the slow experience. That said, they do deliver and I don’t think they’re dodgy so if you like the look of them you should be safe. There’s a big range in prices depending on the ages you want and budget and needs.
Skype: likepusher
LikePusher BHW Thread

Victory Services (Shravandude on BHW): I tried his new FB PVA accounts when first experimenting, just logging in through a browser with extensions and budget proxies, which is not the method I use now. They all went down quickly. I get the feeling he’s a legit seller of accounts and I have some Gmail accounts from him that lasted, but I haven’t tried again since for FB. I figured maybe they’re just quite fresh accounts that weren’t going to work for me.
Skype: victoryservices (Do not add the alternative victoryservices accounts on Skype as they are a scam. That is probably obvious, but that was my first and quick way of learning about being scammed for accounts as I was inattentive to that and eagerly starting out!)
Victory Services BHW Thread

There have been some other experiences for me too. If there is any feedback or interest I can share more. Maybe it would be good for others to share experiences also, particularly if they are opposite to what I have share for the seller so that they are fairly represented.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: !!

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Is BHW BlackHatWorld.com forum? I can’t find any of these monikers on BHW?

PandaSMM is PandaBacklinks on BHW.

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Thanks for the message. I just edited and added the Skypes and BHW threads or users for each one :slight_smile:

Incredibly useful thread. For anyone struggling to get going, trying out new account types/setups could be the answer to your problems.

Great tip man, I don’t know how I didn’t think of that :grinning: :upside_down:

Stay away from buyaccs.com, when i used to do facebook,i remember i purchased like 1k from that site and more than 80% of the account ended up dead after setting up the profile.


now facebook account provide is problems

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Agree with @mdr07 and @yan.balbuena with BuyAccs. You can get some decent accounts, but if you’re building at scale then it’s not at all time effective as you’ll spend half your time trying to get replacements.

If you’re looking to do some quick tests / churn and burn stuff though they’re good for the price.

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Is this directed at me?

No hard feelings mate

i don’t think so :grinning: i am one of those providers

What it means: FACEBOOK PVA?

Ok, im sorry. I understand.

Is Valid for Business Facebook?

phone verified account. The ones that have been verified through sms.


Thanks, but are used for launch of ads?

You can use them for that but you will need to verify your identity, bank account and so on. I have never used facebook accounts for ads (other than my main account).

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