Facebook ad account blocked

Hello guys, I am facing huge problem with my Facebook account. I get blocked whole ad account so I cannot create new ads etc. I know this may not belong here, but I was looking everywhere and I cannot find any advice.
I allready used my second appeal and they have said I will remain blocked. Right now I cannot use any formula to contact Facebook stuff to explain why do I need my ad acc back etc. So if you guys can help me in any way I would be really glad!

Thank you very much.

Why did they block it? You can try creating a new FB account, create ads using that account, then contact Facebook Live support.

Prolly because wrong ads. I had dropshipping web and I managed ads there and then I have put non autorised piece of clothign which I didnt notice. It was Marsmallow hoodie and I didnt even realize it was that, so I ended up with getting instant ban.
Well whenever I try to create new account it always say the new acc is disabled. So I am trying to find any way how to activate my ad account via contacting support. But for now no luck…

Can you explain? What is wrong with a Marsmallow hoodie? Is that a reason to block your account? English is not my native language, I had to google it. But see nothing wrong.

If you want to create more accounts make 100% sure that they have no way to connect the banned account to your new account. So different IP, different credit card, different address, everything different. Also be careful with cookies.

The reason why it is wrong is that it was from AliExpress and not original. So it was unautorized copy and these products FB evaluates as FAKE and you are getting ban immediatly. Sadly I didnt notice this thing back then so I ended up with it.

I know about that and I am making sure to keep it that way.
The only thing I am wondering right now is how to contatct FB support via appeal for 3rd time or how to contact them anyway. I am struggling to reach them.

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Yeah, do you have a picture of that particular hoodie, because it’s a bit unusual for that thing to happen.

Sadly, not anymore. It happened about January and since then I didnt do anything.